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Wedding season is almost here

In 2008, I was in three weddings and attend about five others. In 2009, I was in one (Bride) and attended at least four. I typically love weddings, actually I do love weddings except for the ones I don't know anything about the couple's story or if I smell divorce anytime in the future for the happy couple. I won't go to a wedding if I don't know the couple unless I go as my best friend's date.

I cry everytime as the couple exchange their vows proclaiming their undying love to one another. I get way too excited when they walk down the isle after they are pronounced husband and wife. I absolutely love to watch the first dance and the couple's interaction throughout the day or night. I really do love weddings however they can get overwhelming.

I was chatting with an unmarried girlfriend of mine. She was telling me about all the weddings she already has to attend this upcoming season and how she may have to miss potentially fun international trip to accomodate the weddings. Then she asked - Do I have to go to all these weddings?

My answer: BIG FAT NO!! If you are a Christian, pray about it - I know cliche but from my experience you can never pray too much. If you are not a Christian or not the type to pray about everything then here is a list for you. If you can say no to three out of the five questions, then send a card/gift or neither and tell the couple no.

1. Do I know the full story of how they met?
2. Do I know the full story of how he popped the question?
3. Will the couple notice if I didn't show up to the ceremony?
4. Was I invited to the shower or other pre-wedding events?
5. Would I rather wash my hair than go to the wedding?

The truth is, most couples invite people hoping that about twenty percent won't show up so technically you could be doing them a favor.



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