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Death Bed

Our church is doing a series on relationships, romantic ones and marriages to be precise. Sometimes, it seems like we can't hear enough about them but I think the conversations about relationships and marriage should never cease. As humans we think, oh I've heard that before but still the divorce rates continues to increase at an alarming rate.

This week, our pastor talked about conflicts and oh boy was it good. He talked about the basic needs for each gender - Men need respect and women need love. If you disagree that's fine but good luck with your realtionships. I truly believe that if a couple does not embrace this fact about each gender, marriage will be even more difficult for them.

During the sermon, our pastor said that in a marriage each partner should be able to say on their death bed that they truly were loved or respected. So, I had to do some self reflection - If I was to die today, would I say that I was loved? The answer is yes! More importantly, would I say that I respected my husband? The answer sadly would be not always.

So, I am challenging myself and other women to respect our husbands with our words and actions. This is especially difficult when you feel like you are not loved but we are not called to respect only when we feel loved, so good luck and let me know how it goes.

Happy Marriage!


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