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Date, kiss, time - These are all exciting times in our lives. For some, it's best to remember them with a specific person in mind because our first date/kiss/time was not a great one. I fall under that category. I only want to remember my first kiss/date/time with the Mr. ;O)

My co-worker/friend has a first date today. I guess it's not really a first date because they've hung out before. This however is the first time he actually asked her out on a "date" and she is as nervous as a teenage girl on prom night. She hasn't dated in almost three years and simply has "forgotten what people do one dates." For some odd reason she asked me "what do I do on a first date?"

I didn't really know what to say but the cliche "be yourself" response that everyone says. I don't think it helped. Later on, she asked "should I pay for my meal?" My reaction made me realise how old fashion I am.

So, here it goes - simplyese's ten first date rules. It worked for me! :O)

1. No kissing!
2. Unless you have a really good reason, the guy should pick the gal up.
3. Unless you have a really good reason, the guy pays for the date (modern women, if you really feel the need to pay - offer to get dessert at a different location and pay for that).
4. Christian women - if his faith does not come up through his actions or words, yellow flag!
5. Unless you are both Political Science major and it's a presidential election year, stay away from politics.
6. No off color jokes, it's just plain tacky!
7. Unless they are your server, do not bring up or discuss your ex.
8. Don't say "that's funny" and not laugh - that only happens when things are not funny.
9. Avoid alcohol or other drugs.
10.Do not brag about how much you make or complain about how you don't make enough - better yet avoid the paycheck conversation!

Happy Dating!


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