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PMS is a B#%$@

I'm not that girl who gripes and is mean because she gets her very much expected monthly visit. However, a couple of days before it shows up my stomach automatically grows a very large hole which means it can NEVER be full and a girl can't help it, so I eat like a pig.

Besides having to workout extra hard on those days, I have actually grown to appreciate the visits. Well, that's what I thought until I started sharing my home with a man AKA the Mr.

The other terrible occurance that takes place is my crazy emotions. It wasn't so bad when I was single and living alone. It sucks a lot now that I'm married to a man who came from a home with no sisters. This week, I cried myself to sleep because my poor hubby was too tired to give me some loving at midnight after going to work, school and coming home to do homework. Yes, friends - I cried, well maybe more like sobbed.

I was embarassed but hey, this is the price he pays for being a heterosexual.

Happy loving

Now that's commitment

I found this article on CNN Thursday morning and boy did it grab the core of my heart.

This is my prayer for the Mr. and I - To be accepting of one another and just love one another. It's plain and simple!

This advice is not for daters, it's for those who have made a vow "for better or worse".

In less exactly twenty-four days we'll be celebrating our first of many anniversaries and that it self is an accomplishment. This started with one and now 72yrs later,they are still celebrating their love.


Happy loving!

New hobby

I'm not the queen of fashion but I sure do appreciate a cute outfit. I've always said I hated shopping but I think the problem was that I didn't know how to shop. These are my list of things I did to help me enjoy shopping. If you have three of the five items on the list, I think your idea of shopping might change. Before you come up with another list of why you REALLY hate shopping, just try my suggestions and let me know if I'm correct. :O)

1. Have money to spend.
I'm the queen of budgeting and all my friends know it. I make sure I have enough money and a bit extra just in case I find a cute shoe or jewelry I MUST have. To be honest, it just feels good knowing that you can afford what you are buying. Shopping while broke is the second most depressing way of shopping. The first is shopping after a weight gain.

2. Look your best.
Wear the right under garment. Don't wear a bad bra if you'll be shopping for shirts, especially tank tops and especially if you have too much or no boobs. If you wear make-up, put some on. If you can, do something with your hair. I'm not saying, you should look like you are going to prom but at least a first date look will do the work. The truth is, that's probably what you'll look like when you actually wear the outfit(s) at home. If you don't like an outfit in your best at the store, more than likely you won't like it when you get home.

3. Go with the guy/gal in your life.
I went with my husband and luckily for me, I'm married to a guy who thinks I'm the sexiest woman he's ever met (I know crazy right?) So, when I tried something on, watching his eyes brighten up or him act like a pavlov's dog when I turn arround helped decided on what to buy. I went shopping with some girls the other day and my friend bought a dress because most of us agreed it was sexy - It made her feel better and reinforced what she was already thinking.

4. Try clothes on with appropriate sets/accessories.
Don't try on cute jeans with the t-shirt you walked into the store with. It probably won't look right. Don't try a summer skirt with a turtle neck sweater. Again, you won't get the full look. Add some accessories to it, even if you don't buy it. At least you'll know how great you would look in those jeans with a nice pair of shoes or awesome necklace.

5. Know what you are looking for.
This is very specific to me but I am thinking I'm not that unique but when I go to the store not sure what I am looking for, I get overwhelmed. I go into every isle and department and 2hrs later, I feel like I'm stuck in an elevator with 100 kids screaming. Not fun at all.

I hope these suggestions work for you.

Happy shopping!

Love is in the air

And then it disapears. I only have one wedding this year and technically I'm not invited. A friend of mine had a very small family only wedding. There's been a lot of getting together and break-ups in my life (dating).

In less than two months two friends broke up with really nice guys who just weren't a good match for them and apparently one of them was because of me! I'm all about breaking up dating relationships that would potentially end up as future divorces!

My best friend is in a pretty serious relationship and so is another really good friend of mine. I want the absolute best for them. As a woman who grew up in a terrible marriage and has been forunate to be in a pretty healthy one -I want my friends to have even better than what I have.

My standard for them are definitely high and I am not interested in lowering them. I don't have shallow standards for my friends. I want them to be with men who fit the list of what they wanted when they were single. Sometimes it's easy for us to change our wants and desires to fit the current person we are dating which is a huge mistake if you ask me.

I stumbled upon this article the other day and it got me thinking. I wonder how many of my friends if they were really honest with themselves would call off a wedding like the people in this article.

I hope you get something out of it and if you are not in this stage of life, pass this article to your friends and family members who are in this stage.

Happy dating/breaking up!


Sometimes, it's the little things that make a HUGE difference. Monday night was bad for me. I came home to an empty house, the Mr. is back in school but thank God this is the last quarter. My professional life is lacking at best and to top it all off - I went bathing suite shopping. The experience wasn't too bad but I got frustrated because the ones I liked were too big.

So, when the Mr. came home I started crying. We've been married for almost a year and seeing me cry makes him sad which makes me very happy. He tried to comfort me but by then I just needed to shed some tears and feel sorry for myself (not a good look by the way).

He let me cry and say everything that was in my heart which was nice and by morning time I was feeling tons better. I felt even better when I came home from work the next day to bouquets of gorgeous sun flowers and daisies! I'm very blessed and like someone said to me "I have a lot to be thankful for" starting with the Mr.

If you read this, know that I love you with everything I have!


The weekend I came back from Nigeria, I decided I was going to stop eating meat. I've done this twice before and the longest run was 7 months - Ribs got to me :O)

Well, it's been about three months and I only miss BW3 wings. The real reason I made this decision was my body no longer appreciated the smell or taste of most types of animal by-products. The smell of cooked meat makes me want to vomit.

The Mr. has been very supportive of me but tonight took it to whole new level. I made dinner which consisted of morning start vegetarian ribs, sauteed green beans and sweet potatoe. To my surprise he ate it all and actually complimented the food. I've been raving to him and everyone who will listen to me about how amazing these ribs are and finally I got confirmation from him tonight "I thought it would be rubbery, but it's not"

So, if you ever want to try low cal ribs - Try the morning star vegetarian option. It is DA BOMB!!!!


Kettle is my favorite and pretty much just about everyone in my immediate circle loves them too. Yes, even the 3yrs old step daugther and 5yrs old nephew.

They both were whining about wanting to snack on something, they had fruits for lunch and mid afternoon snack so watermelon wasn't going to cut it this time. So,I decided to pop a bag and boy you should've seen their faces. Needless to say, popcorn is now my favorite snack to keep in the house.

They are semi healthy if you get the basic ones and if you ever have extra cash check out the BEST POPCORN I've ever tasted http://www.popcornopolis.com/. We bought these last year as Christmas gifts. The Kettle ones are the best everrrr!!! I am biased, so maybe you'll like the others. Either way, try them if you can spare the extra change and yes, they are worth every penny.

Happy Snacking!

Hiatus is over

I promise this is not someone who stole my identity to blog on my behalf. I have been MIA for two reasons:

One, I haven't felt like I have had anything of value to say. Secondly, I have been preoccupied with life that even when I think I have something valueable to say, I fall asleep as I am typing.

Here's an update of my life since May. I started playing softball again with the Mr, but he's completely new to the sport. We are playing with the same group of friends I've been playing with for the past four years. We renovated our house and I used that word lightly. We painted the living room and kitchen and truly renovated the bathroom. It Cost way too much money but I guess it will be worth it when it's time to sell.

God has been doing a lot of talking and luckily I've been listening. I have a single women's event in the works, if I don't chicken out.

The Mr. and I celebrated 11 months of marriage on Thursday and this coming weekend, I am taking an all girls trip with six great girls to Lake Cumberland.

I almost went back to creamy crack at least twice but I held strong thanks for Yemi and the Mr.

Apparently, I made one of my friend break up with her now ex-boyfriend but she and I agree that it was for the best.

Speaking of dating, a couple of my friends are in dating relationship and so expect to hear a lot about that topic.

Happy Saturday!


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