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What would you do for $.3

I have a coupon folder, a great idea I got from our friends. So, after church on Sundays I spend a couple of hours cutting coupons while the Mr. does laundry or plays video games. I do all of this to save a buck here and there. I like to save money, it gives me great joy when I use a coupon or find something on sale. I love 75% off sales, I'm like a kid in a candy store. I'll do just about anything moral or legal to save money but I think I hit my low on Sunday.

I went to a local grocery store (Kroger) with my own grocery bag. After giving her my coupons, which saved me two dollars I swipped my card and was off with a smile on my face. However, the joy was quickly diminshed when I noticed that the cashier forgot to give me my discount for brining my own bag. Not to worry though, because I'm still in the store. So, I marched to the customer service desk with a smile on my face and the receipt to prove my argument that I was denied an extra discount.

The customer service rep was very kind and courteous and with a puzzled look on her face, she opened the register and handed me three penies. With a sigh of relief, I walked out of the store knowing that I have three more cents in my wallet.

I told the Mr. about it and he just laughed and gave me the look of "I wouldn't expect anything less from you." :O)

Happy savings!


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