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"Test Kitchen"

I started cooking at age 9, it's in my DNA and I absolutely love it! I'm that girl who fantasizes about her dream kitchen and appliances. I cannot walk by a Williams-Sonoma without going in and dreaming of what life would be if I had my dream kitchen to go along with the appliances.

The Mr. is tired and crashed on the couch - he had to work today. So, since I have no one to entertain me, I thought why not watch PBS ThinkTV. If you don't know what ThinkTV is, you probably have cable. We don't have cable because I'm way too cheap and can think of a dozen other things to do as newly weds than watch T.V. Tonight on the show I learned one more thing to add to my kitchen encyclopedia. Here is a list of five tips I have learned throughout the years that might be useful next time you are in the kitchen.

1. To help your pie crust not get too moist, use half the amount of water needed and half vodka! I know right, who da thunk?

2. If you are craving fried chicken but don't want or can't afford the calories here's what you can do. Parboil the chicken with your choice spices and onions, bake the chicken for 30 minutes until it's completely cooked in a 375 degree oven. Then take the chicken out, saturate it with pam oil spray and broil for 15 - 25 minutes. This gives the chicken a cripsy look and taste without the fat! Oh so delish!!!

3. Next time you bake with a cake mix, use plain applesauce instead of oil and It will save you calories and makes the cake deliciously moisture.

4. If you ever mistakenly put too much pepper in your dish, don't sweat it - reach for a plain yoghurt and depending on the dish you can add it to the meal and it will reduce the heat factor.

5. I've only tested this theory a handful of times but so far it has worked. Next time you are cutting an onion -DON'T SAY A WORD. Seriously, don't say anything. Keep your mouth shut your eyes will thank you for it!

Happy cooking!


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