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Happy birthday...

Twenty-five Was a big deal for me. A quarter century, are you kidding me? I had a "white party", not not only white people were there- you just had to wear all white. It was so much fun. My best friend turns 25 today and I can't wait to see what the next twenty-five years has in store for her and our friendship.

Happy Birthday!!!!

the list girl

The Mr. has twelve weeks away from school and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. He's excited about not having homework and being able to come home right after work. What he doesn't know is that this List making girl has so many things on the list that we can do together.

We started with the first of 8 salsa classes today and boy was that fun. We both love dancing and we had a great time. Next on the list is cooking class - One of us love cooking but we both love to eat. Hopefully, by the end of the class we'll both love it and be good at it.

With the amount of time we will be spending together, I'm sure some good ole fights will come up but hey some things are worth fighting for right?

Happy living!

My friend Oscar

I think the last time I watched the award show was when Denzel Washington won Best Actor. I guess it's probably the same year I decided that I can't give television too much time anymore - I graduated to fb!

I'm not really excited about it this year but as always, I am very excited to see what everyone will be wearing. So, here is my very short "best list" for the 82nd annual award show.

Best Dressed Woman - Elizabeth Banks

Best Dressed Man - Jake Gyllenhaal

My butt belongs to only one crotch

I'm a snob in two things in life and I'm damn proud of it. I won't eat food that does not look good and I sure as hell won't dance with just any guy. In my single days, if a man wanted to dance with me he had to treat me like a lady. Ladies get approached with a smile, an hello and a would you like to dance. If a guy ever came up behind me, I would just stop dancing. Even after all of that, no man ever got to dance with me through a whole song. I just think it's best to keep them wanting more.

As a single woman, it made me want to cry and in some cases puke when I saw women working extra hard to make sure their butts were stimulating the "lucky" guys crotch enough. I confess that in my early days, I gave in to such expectation but hey at least the guy asked first. :O)

Last night, I saw a woman give butt massagea to men in the form of dance, if that's what they call it these days. I give her props because she is definintely one to give her best at anything she does. The way the dancing started was quite interesting. The guys would watch her, walk close to her - no conversation. Then a few minutes later, he would reach for her waist and that was the mating call apparently. They would dance face to face for literally thirty seconds and then the main entree was served! I watched this ritual happen at least two times.

Unfortunately, my first instinct was to judge her but then I realised that nothing makes me better than this woman. It is only by the grace of God that I am who I am today. So, I prayed for her. Here's my prayer for the lady with the blue corset and skinny jeans! I pray that God will use the people in your life to reveal His love for you and let you see yourself how He sees you. I pray that you will love yourself and most of all I pray that if you don't already know, I pray you know and accept Him as your Lord and Savior. I also pray that one day, you'll meet the perfect crotch for your butt.

I hope

To live a life that reflects the finished work of Jesus.

To love others more than I love myself.

To love God with everything I have, say and do.


I just don't understand why people care who Jake from the "Bachelor" picks! I only know his name because as a woman, I can't go out to lunch with my girlfriends or to work without hearing about him.

The woman in me who loves connecting with her lady friends sits there and listens to the junk but the annoyed girl in me wants to scream - I DON'T CARE ABOUT JAKE UNLESS HE'S THE GUY YOU ARE DATING OR MARRIED TO!!!

But, I care too much about the female relationships I have, so I just listen and pray they'll change the subject!

Happy Friending!

Mixed reviews

One could argue that God has a great sense of humor! If I think about the man I married or some of the experiences I've had, I just can't help but come to that conclusion.

My church along with many other churches in Cincinnati are doing a series on freedom and part of this series is joining and attending a small group. A small group for those who do not know is a group of 3 - 15+ plus people from all walks of life just doing life together in hopes to grow closer to one another and God.

I have a women's small group that I host and the Mr. and I attend one at our church that has young engaged or married couples and one young lady. Edward and I are the only couple who is not of a different racial background and myself and the uncoupled lady are the only black women there. Actually, the other lady is half white. If you know me, then you know how funny it must have been for God when I realised that fact! I humored myself and laughed as well.

I love God and how he works and all his inside jokes and I look forward to the relationships that will develop through our group.

Happy Black History Month is over already?!?!?!


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