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Questions for God

When I wake up to news like Thousands of people in Haiti feared dead, I can't help but ask "Why God?" I know and believe that He gets the big picture and that the big picture is not about me or His other creations - It's about His Glory.

So, then I ask, how does taking the lives of thousands within two weeks of a new year bring you Glory? This is one of many questions I have for God when we meet but I've also been reminded by friends that when that day comes, everything might make sense or I might be too much in awe to care about the answers.

As a human who loves Jesus and believes that He has a reason for every good thing he gives us and every bad thing that he allows to happen, I just have to do my part and pray to the Kings of kings, Lord or lords, the Alpha and the Omega, the begining and the end. The one who loves his children more than we could ever imagine.

God please be with every single person that is affected by this earthquake. I pray that anyone that is alive and stuck under buildings, you will keep them safe. I pray for children who will be orphans, wives who will become widows, husbands who will become widowers. I pray that they will in all of this tragedy get closer and know you more! I pray that your hand of protection will be over them and that your perfect will be done. Amen!


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