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Friends with wedding bands

Should married people have single friends of the opposite gender?

The answer in my opinion is quite simple- YES! However the “yes” is contingent on several factors, so I guess it’s not so simple. Is your partner is ok with the friendship? Do they know and communicate regularly with the “friend”?. Like all relationships, the friendship should have healthy boundaries. You probably should not be calling each other late at night or only when your spouse leaves the room or house. It’s also probably not a good idea to bash your spouse to your friend even if you are all friends. I know – “you’ve been friends even before you met your partner” and to that I say, you should have married him or her!

Now, trust me my best girlfriends and the Mr. often make fun of me but typically it’s to my face and if they do it without me being present one of them tells me about it. I love that my best friends and my husband gets along. In our case, I have more single male friends than he does single female friends but I have very strong boundaries. He knows about every one of them and if he feels slightly uncomfortable about conversations that we might have had or the friendship he knows that I’ll put our marriage first and do whatever is necessary to safe guard it.

I think people sometimes give the enemy (The Devil) way too much credit and then there are others who do not give him enough credit. I’d like to think that I have a healthy balance. The devil is wicked and is looking for anyway to destroy my marriage because marriage in my opinion next to our relationship with Him is the most important relationship humans have. From experience when something is that important to God, it becomes equally important for the enemy to destroy it.

Don’t forget the vows you made on your wedding day. You promised to put nothing or anyone above your spouse and what you have as a couple, so keep your promise and be cautious of your friendships.

Happy marriage!


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