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Baby steps

I've been trying very hard to eat healthy without starving myself. Since it's warmer outside, I'm more active. There are three goals here: One is to lose weight. The second and most important, is that I want to be healthy and finally I promised to not gain any weight my first year of marriage unless I get pregnant. I know it's a big goal but I just don't want to be that bride that gives up on herself because she has a man.

I've been taking small steps and not trying to do too much or do something I can't stick to for too long. I had a proud of myself moment tonight. I watch the Mr. eat Arby's fries without eating one. If you know me, you know salt is my weakness. I never knew a day would come that I would have the opportunity to eat my favorite bad food and turn it down. Oh trust me, I was hungry but I just made the choice to say NO TO CHOLESTOROL AND SATURATED FAT! :O)

I don't know if this will happen tomorrow or ever again, I hope so but I am very proud of myself today!

Happy eating healthy!

Nappy Love

When the Mr. asked me for my phone number, I had braids and wore them for sometime and during those times, as a natural girl I was quite nervous about what he'd think about dating a girl with naps! The last Nigerian guy and just about every Nigerian person I know including my own family thinks nappy hair is ugly hair. So, you can imagine the relief I got when he told me he wasn't a big fan of women who only wore weave.

That may not sound like much but most Nigerian men I know, don't know any different. Weave to them is good hair and any woman who did other wise was just not going to cut it. The more we spent time together the more I learned about his hair preferences:
1. I don't like short hair (by the way, I cut my hair 3months into our dating relationship).
2. Girls with natural hair allow you to touch their hair (that made me SMILE because I was natural and it's true!)
3. I like the way you look in braids
4. Whatever you do, DO NOT WEAR A WIG! :o)
5. Locks are ok but I don't prefer them.

We may not be a perfect hair match but he is the biggest fan of my hair. In good times, he celebrates with me and in bad times he helps me research and takes pictures so we can note improvement.

Don't know what we (me & the naps) would do without his love and acceptance.



I was appalled by this headline and even more shocked when I read the article. Why any parent would be accused of adopting a child just for the publicity is shocking to me. I'm an indifferent fan of now Ms. Bullock. She seems like a nice lady and unless she's using the kid to make money, which I doubt or she is abusing the child - The world should commend her and other people who make the choice to adopt.

Sometimes, black people piss me off! We should be more concerned that black children are not being adopted instead of wondering why they are being adopted by white people. I've always wondered why Oprah never adopted a child or two. I've always wondered why The Smiths haven't adopted a child. Hell, why haven't we heard of other famous black people adopting black orphans.

All I'm saying is that when anyone has enough love to adopt a child that may end up saying "you're not my mommy or daddy!" we need applaud them, not assault them with accusations.

Happy family planning!


I always wondered how parents kept their "personal items" out of reach from their children.

My 11 yr old sister spent the weekend with us and usually she has very limited access to our bedroom but I was feeling generous this time around and boy did I regret it. I had to make up a white lie when she found a chocolate flavored spray to numb the throat on the dresser. When she asked what it was for, I said it was to numb the throat. Easy right? But then she said, "oh for when it hurts?" and I said yes sure!

That was my story and I had to stick to it!

Happy parenting/sistering!

Spring cold

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'd rather be burning up than feel any level of cold. Even in humid Nigeria where my clothes were soaked with sweat after a twenty minute walk, I still didn't miss or wish for cold weather.

So, you can only imagine how upset I was when we came back home to a cold spring. During warmer seasons, I'm a totally different person. I wake up as early as 5am, no matter when I go to bed. I actually want to workout and put an effort in the way I look. These last couple of weeks have been very hard for me. My brain says it's spring but my body is saying "why are we wearing winter clothes then?" I absolutely hate it.

The good news is that this past Friday was probably the best day so far this season. There was enough sun to keep us warm, enough breeze to not be burnt by the sun and the clouds were the perfect shade of blue. My church had a picnic and I got to play taboo with some of the ladies. I got to meet two new people and learned more about the others.

I say all this to say that even game nights are better outdoors when the weather is pefect!

Happy Spring!


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