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Big mac or Blooming Onions?

Say a friend promised to buy you dinner for whatever reason and then they ask you “McDonald’s or Outback Steak house”, which one would you pick? I guess the choice is obvious to most people unless you absolutely hate Outback. Well, last week I did the exact same thing to the Mr. but not with food.

I told him I wanted to make out – you know, first base through second or third, depending on how much of a prude you are. His response was LOL! Yes, the man literally laughed out loud and gave me a look of “you’re kidding right?” At first, my feelings were hurt but the more that I thought about it, the more his response made sense.

I had no biological reason to not take him to Outback; I just wanted to go to McDonalds just for old time sake. Surprisingly, I missed the good old days of just eating at McDonalds knowing that Outback was not an option. These days in our house, when we go to McDonalds it’s just to get appetizers – We always end up getting Outback for the main course or dessert!


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