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The weekend I came back from Nigeria, I decided I was going to stop eating meat. I've done this twice before and the longest run was 7 months - Ribs got to me :O)

Well, it's been about three months and I only miss BW3 wings. The real reason I made this decision was my body no longer appreciated the smell or taste of most types of animal by-products. The smell of cooked meat makes me want to vomit.

The Mr. has been very supportive of me but tonight took it to whole new level. I made dinner which consisted of morning start vegetarian ribs, sauteed green beans and sweet potatoe. To my surprise he ate it all and actually complimented the food. I've been raving to him and everyone who will listen to me about how amazing these ribs are and finally I got confirmation from him tonight "I thought it would be rubbery, but it's not"

So, if you ever want to try low cal ribs - Try the morning star vegetarian option. It is DA BOMB!!!!


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