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Love is in the air

And then it disapears. I only have one wedding this year and technically I'm not invited. A friend of mine had a very small family only wedding. There's been a lot of getting together and break-ups in my life (dating).

In less than two months two friends broke up with really nice guys who just weren't a good match for them and apparently one of them was because of me! I'm all about breaking up dating relationships that would potentially end up as future divorces!

My best friend is in a pretty serious relationship and so is another really good friend of mine. I want the absolute best for them. As a woman who grew up in a terrible marriage and has been forunate to be in a pretty healthy one -I want my friends to have even better than what I have.

My standard for them are definitely high and I am not interested in lowering them. I don't have shallow standards for my friends. I want them to be with men who fit the list of what they wanted when they were single. Sometimes it's easy for us to change our wants and desires to fit the current person we are dating which is a huge mistake if you ask me.

I stumbled upon this article the other day and it got me thinking. I wonder how many of my friends if they were really honest with themselves would call off a wedding like the people in this article.

I hope you get something out of it and if you are not in this stage of life, pass this article to your friends and family members who are in this stage.

Happy dating/breaking up!


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