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PMS is a B#%$@

I'm not that girl who gripes and is mean because she gets her very much expected monthly visit. However, a couple of days before it shows up my stomach automatically grows a very large hole which means it can NEVER be full and a girl can't help it, so I eat like a pig.

Besides having to workout extra hard on those days, I have actually grown to appreciate the visits. Well, that's what I thought until I started sharing my home with a man AKA the Mr.

The other terrible occurance that takes place is my crazy emotions. It wasn't so bad when I was single and living alone. It sucks a lot now that I'm married to a man who came from a home with no sisters. This week, I cried myself to sleep because my poor hubby was too tired to give me some loving at midnight after going to work, school and coming home to do homework. Yes, friends - I cried, well maybe more like sobbed.

I was embarassed but hey, this is the price he pays for being a heterosexual.

Happy loving


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