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Spring cold

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'd rather be burning up than feel any level of cold. Even in humid Nigeria where my clothes were soaked with sweat after a twenty minute walk, I still didn't miss or wish for cold weather.

So, you can only imagine how upset I was when we came back home to a cold spring. During warmer seasons, I'm a totally different person. I wake up as early as 5am, no matter when I go to bed. I actually want to workout and put an effort in the way I look. These last couple of weeks have been very hard for me. My brain says it's spring but my body is saying "why are we wearing winter clothes then?" I absolutely hate it.

The good news is that this past Friday was probably the best day so far this season. There was enough sun to keep us warm, enough breeze to not be burnt by the sun and the clouds were the perfect shade of blue. My church had a picnic and I got to play taboo with some of the ladies. I got to meet two new people and learned more about the others.

I say all this to say that even game nights are better outdoors when the weather is pefect!

Happy Spring!


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