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I was appalled by this headline and even more shocked when I read the article. Why any parent would be accused of adopting a child just for the publicity is shocking to me. I'm an indifferent fan of now Ms. Bullock. She seems like a nice lady and unless she's using the kid to make money, which I doubt or she is abusing the child - The world should commend her and other people who make the choice to adopt.

Sometimes, black people piss me off! We should be more concerned that black children are not being adopted instead of wondering why they are being adopted by white people. I've always wondered why Oprah never adopted a child or two. I've always wondered why The Smiths haven't adopted a child. Hell, why haven't we heard of other famous black people adopting black orphans.

All I'm saying is that when anyone has enough love to adopt a child that may end up saying "you're not my mommy or daddy!" we need applaud them, not assault them with accusations.

Happy family planning!


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