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Nappy Love

When the Mr. asked me for my phone number, I had braids and wore them for sometime and during those times, as a natural girl I was quite nervous about what he'd think about dating a girl with naps! The last Nigerian guy and just about every Nigerian person I know including my own family thinks nappy hair is ugly hair. So, you can imagine the relief I got when he told me he wasn't a big fan of women who only wore weave.

That may not sound like much but most Nigerian men I know, don't know any different. Weave to them is good hair and any woman who did other wise was just not going to cut it. The more we spent time together the more I learned about his hair preferences:
1. I don't like short hair (by the way, I cut my hair 3months into our dating relationship).
2. Girls with natural hair allow you to touch their hair (that made me SMILE because I was natural and it's true!)
3. I like the way you look in braids
4. Whatever you do, DO NOT WEAR A WIG! :o)
5. Locks are ok but I don't prefer them.

We may not be a perfect hair match but he is the biggest fan of my hair. In good times, he celebrates with me and in bad times he helps me research and takes pictures so we can note improvement.

Don't know what we (me & the naps) would do without his love and acceptance.


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