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Yummy and Easy

I've made this twice now in less than a week and each time I've made it, I didn't have been enough for leftovers, even though I planned for it. It's simple and requires only five ingredients. I've served it with mac and cheese, broccoli, sweet potatoe and pasta salad. Good luck and happy cooking!

Bonesless Chicken Breast (thawed)
Parsley flakes
Parmasean Cheese (the dry one)
Ritz Crackers
1 stick of margarine (for healthy look, just spray pam or use olive oil).

1. Cut the chicken in half to lower cooking time, then set aside.
2. Preheat oven for 375 degrees.
3. Make a cooking station for the dipping you'll be doing.
4. Crush the ritz crackers, you can do this by placing it in a sturdy zip lock bag and smash with a hammer or bottle. Then pour into a bowl.
5. Pour half a can of the parmasean cheese in a bowl unless you are cooking for more than 7 people.
6. Melt butter in a plate big enough to fit the chicken and set aside (you might need to reheat it up if it get cold). Add the parsley to the butter (use as little or as much as you like).
7. Dip the chicken in butter or spray the chicken
8. Dip it in the ritz cracker crumbs and make sure the chicken is well coated.
9. Dip ritz coated chicken in the parmasean cheese
10. Place it on a greased or sprayed pan and bake for 25 - 35 minutes until chicken is done (compltely white when you cut the thickest part of the breast).

Good luck and enjoy all the compliments you'll receive! :0)


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