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The Mr. is already fast asleep and all I want to do is crawl into the bed with him and tell him how wonderful he is and how much I appreciate him even if I don't always act that way.

I saw "Why did I get Married 2" this weekend and it made me think about why I got married. I got married for selfish reasons. I had found a man with intergrity, loved God, loved me and the six pack didn't hurt either! A man that met 8 of my top 10 qualities I looked for in husband. I would have been stupid to turn him down. Does he has his flaws yes, but trust me the good outweighs the bad. I married him because I knew he would love, cherish, lead ... but not once did I think let me marry this guy because of all the wonderful things I could do for him.

I think most of us are this way and in my case, I came in like a leach just wanting to feed but God has graciously taught me that my marriage is not a one way street. He has given me this man to love, cherish, follow...

And as long as I shall live, I vow to do those things especially when I don't feel like it!

Happy Marriage!

By the way, if you get the chance go see the movie or at least rent it when it comes you. You will def learn something from it and excercise your abs will all the laughing you'll be doing!


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