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We made it back in one piece and boy was it a GREAT trip!!! I'll have more post with different aspects of the trip along with lots of pictures.

The highlights of the trip:

1. Suya (Grilled beef, ram, or chicken with a special spice).
2. Old school romance - The type you get with partial electricity, no computer and no work the next day ;O)
3. Seeing genuwine smiles
4. Walking almost 2 miles everyday.
5. $12 AMAZING mani/pedicure - yes both for only $12.
6. Listening to my maternal grandmother tell her life story as my husband recorded and asked questions.
7. Eating fresh delicous mangoes.
8. Being so stress free that fighting with your spouse seems meaningless.
9. Pricing things in the markets aka playing the bargaining game with merchants.
10. Introducing my husband to my family and meeting his aunts and uncles.

more to come...HAPPY TRAVELS


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