I'm a simple girl in a complex world.


This winter I've warmed up and scrapped my own car at least twice, shoveled snow everytime it's snowed and NEVER done laundry!I HATE DOING LAUNDRY.

Before I started shacking up with the Mr. I remember crying one winter morning because I had to scrape my car windows as all the men on my street scrapped their partner's cars. I swore that day that I'll never do this once I'm married.

Well, I got married and occasionally scrape my car window. The truth is, he does it most times but there are days when he's sick or I have to leave way too early for him to wake up. He offers, but I usually give him a break. Iknow, I'm too nice. :O)

The snow shovel thing has become my workout. I have an EFX machine that I don't use often because it's in a room without TV or anything that will create excitement for a girl working out. So, to treat myself I join the Mr. outside and we spend quality time shoveling, throwing snow balls at each other and just goofing off. The work gets done, but we have a great time and I get a great full body workout!


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