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Mixed reviews

One could argue that God has a great sense of humor! If I think about the man I married or some of the experiences I've had, I just can't help but come to that conclusion.

My church along with many other churches in Cincinnati are doing a series on freedom and part of this series is joining and attending a small group. A small group for those who do not know is a group of 3 - 15+ plus people from all walks of life just doing life together in hopes to grow closer to one another and God.

I have a women's small group that I host and the Mr. and I attend one at our church that has young engaged or married couples and one young lady. Edward and I are the only couple who is not of a different racial background and myself and the uncoupled lady are the only black women there. Actually, the other lady is half white. If you know me, then you know how funny it must have been for God when I realised that fact! I humored myself and laughed as well.

I love God and how he works and all his inside jokes and I look forward to the relationships that will develop through our group.

Happy Black History Month is over already?!?!?!


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